Weekly Enlightenment 18.12.17

Weekly Enlightenment 18.12.17

Another HUGE week tribe!

Starting now, today and lasting all week!!

We have so much going on….on all levels!!!

So today we have the last new moon of 2017 and it’s in Sagittarius.

Again, this new moon is supporting the December, 12 theme of LOVE!

There is the opportunity to commit to a serious relationship right now and the opportunity if your single of meeting someone very special. I’m talking long term here…like the rest of your life!!!!

Change is in the air, leave your comfort zone at home and get out there….

Time to really leave your past behind and create your new reality.

Have you realised now...You can have your cake AND eat it ?

I can emphasize enough the importance of staying positive too at this time.

Your thoughts are literally your tomorrow so stay positive and clear about what you want.

Forget what you don’t want.

Tradition and rituals are supported by this new moon

So I recommend you sitting under the energy of this new moon tonight and writing down-

12 things you love in your life

12 things you are creating in your love life