Take a breath, take a breath…January is over… But Wow…U ready, Feb U Ready???
Because trust me, it may not be as crazy as January but still it’s pretty full on.
February Dates to note: 
5TH Sarah Louise Event - SC
13th Sarah Louise Event -BRIS

14th Valentines Day
16th Chinese New Year
20th Sarah Louise Event- SYD
27th Sarah Louise Event -MLB

 So, what’s happening…
Well, we had two full moons in January and now none in February, I find this quite interesting.  I could tell you that, that means not much lunar energy this month but I would be lying. No full moons BUT still lots of loonie lunar energy around this month and this whole year!

We are now in eclipse season and like always, hold on to your hats over the next few months…this is a mega ride!!!
There are no planets retrograde this month – That means every planet is moving forward with you, which is a real rarity. Next month’s we see planets retrograding again. Make use of all this support from the universe, its working with you, helping you move forward in all areas.
 This month’s most intense time is between January 31st full moon eclipse and the 15th February partial solar eclipse, there is a huge energetic gateway open for us during this time. This opening has an influence right up until July actually, so I will be talking about this as it changes over the next few months.
The opening some call a portal is a real opportunity for us in our energy work, it will add a new depths in our alignments this month – THANK YOU UNIVERSE
Can’t wait to see what awaits us through this gateway …MAY BE EVERYTHING!!!!
Remember this is an 11 year – This month please like every month this year embrace each and every moment, there is so much potential available.



And kicking this month and us right in to action is this, Leo full moon eclipse.
No sitting back this is action time.

Like the Lion - it’s time to be FEERLESS
Step on to the stage of life and shine your light.
In fact, take centre stage and proclaim your heart and your life’s desire!!!!
Be that star that you are
Have fun.
Enjoy your role
Enjoy the success
Enjoy your adventure of life
It’s an active month so get active.
Its wake-up time – In fact get up early every day this month and see what you can add to your day.
Be social- it’s a social month. Connect with friends.


Ask yourself …. WHO AM I???(And remember you are whoever you choose)

Respond to self ....I AM …..

Yes, this is a month for lots of positive …I AM affirmations.


What else is happening…


Valentine’s Day – The energy around this date is more in tune with friendship so don’t worry if you don’t feel romantically inclined, just enjoy like every day the amazing love and connection and friendship you have in your life. Love comes in all forms.



Chinese New Year
Yay we are in to the year of the Earth Dog which feel a lot easier than last year the Fire Rooster.
Celebrate this day if you feel incline to, I love the energy of this date.
In tradition, Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year's Day.
Kids are given red envelopes stuffed with 'lucky money' and positive wishes on New Year's Day.
Too lovely!
With me this month ….
SUNSHINE COAST – I have private sessions available on the Sunshine Coast through February so contact me for bookings.
BRISBANE- Tuesday 13th February
I am fully booked in Brisbane this month – If you would like a booking for March contact me.