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Weekly Enlightenment 26.3.18

Confidence Choices Changes Connection Confrontation

That pretty much sums up this week.

Confidence is the chi and the key right now and finding the balance in that. We need confidence to go where we want to go. Too little, we won't make it Too much, we could mess it all up.

We have been working on ourselves, right? Getting real, learning to be truly authentic... Getting confident with who we are and where we are going.

This week we are going to be looking at our relationships.

How authentic are they?

Who is on your team? Who on that team is actually batting for you? Really for you? Without their own agenda?

Who is inclusive of you? Who is exclusive?

Who laves you feeling good? Supports you? Helps you? Gets you? Understands you?

Times are changing hugely.

Big things are coming…

We need the right team for this next part of the game plan.

Mercury is retrograding - things are changing …and that's ok. You have choices to make, be confident, your connections are so important. Confront what needs looking at.

Full moon falls on Saturday - The second full moon this month some call this a blue moon, as it only happens once in a blue moon, lot of things will clear around this time ready for the new Month ahead.

Remember being on the A team can take a lot of work, effort and you have to go that extra mile. The A team, is a team, individuals supporting one another with the same intensions.

What team are you on? Maybe this week have a look at that…!

Wishing you a Super Happy Week.

I'm in Melbourne this week. Come and connect with me and you. Private sessions are available. Plus the monthly, Create Inspire and Meditate event on Tuesday 27th in Collingwood 630-8PM.

I'm on the Sunshine Coast next week.

The sunshine Coast Monthly Event is close to selling out every month now so book in ASAP.

Love always,

Sarah xXx

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