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Weekly Enlightenment | 10- 17 November 2019

✨ Weekly Enlightenment ✨

The doors of opportunity are here right now and you have so much potential to walk in to new stories to expand your life and live the life you desire.

You have what it takes to step through new door ways.

This week is a huge week of manifestation.

This week your walking,

Talking has been done, time to step up and walk in the direction of your desires.

You have to be so aware right now, awake and consciously of your every movement every step.

It really is time to get serious.

Take a look who’s walking with you this week,

are they aligned with you?

Take a look at what your carrying in your bag - do you need it all?

Please remember-

You are the author of your book of life

What stories are you telling these days?

Are you writing the greatest love story ever?

Are your writing the best adventure?

Are you consciously writing this book?

Or are you just regurgitating boring old repeated stories of your past.

The old cannot align with the new.

So this week you have some big moves to makes and the universe is supporting your every step.

See you on the other side of this week.

Love you,



We are most defiantly finishing the events of 2019 with a BANG.

Yes this is the last week of events this decade

and it couldn’t be more powerful.

9th - My birthday 11th Magic day 12th Full moon


2019 The year we changed the story XxXx

These events will sell out so please book in xxxx

Card of the week

Dream big

"Let go of your limited thinking and start dreaming bigger and better."

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