Weekly Enlightenment | 07-14 December 2019

✨ Weekly Enlightenment ✨


Try not to get stressed but please know that if you want something in life, you have to work at it. Not just for a minute here and there, but every day, always with 100 percent effort. Otherwise you risk losing it to the next in line. Not because they are better than you or that you are not good enough but because they put the work in. They showed up, they shouted louder, they backed themselves, they wanted it more. Right now, we are living in a competitive world. One day that will shift, and we will move from competition to collaboration. But for now it’s the doers that will take the trophy, not the slackers. I'm talking relationships, your work, your friendships and life in general. So, to secure what you want for your future, don't stop putting in the effort. Thinking you have it before you get to the finish line can turn out to be a disaster.

Don’t stop at 80 percent thinking it’s enough. Someone else has 100 percent in them.

Get over your insecurities, your old programmes, your excuses, your entitlement, your unworthiness.

Dreams are possible, dreams come true if you put in the work. Value yourself, work hard, keep showing up better and better. Never give up regardless of your past and your story. Keep maturing and growing.

The question is - Do you want to be the one sharing the story of how amazing it was, or what a shame it didn’t work?

We all have the potential to have, do, be whatever we want. Some will rise to it and make it amazing. Some will change the old story. Some won’t.