Weekly Enlightenment 19-26 April 2020 | EMOTIONAL MOMENTS

It's a pretty emotional, possibly frustrating, or just plain annoying week if we allow it to be.

It's rocky right now and it's this way for a while yet, so your challenge is to keep rising up, finding the positive, doing things that keep you sane, seeing the light and to try and not get too caught up in the confusion of your mind of this changing world. Understanding, adapting, and accepting now is essential.

Rebelling will only bring harsh consequences.

We have to get comfortable with not controlling anything in the external world. Normal is a word of the past.

Who knows what the future holds, we are learning that life really can change in a second.

My Advice

  • Live in the moment,

  • Live in your heart and not in your head,

  • Disconnect from the external world for now and concentrate on your internal world,

  • Work on keeping you happy regardless of whats going on out there.

  • During this time, conform to the new ways and stay open and balanced if that’s possible.

I believe its a time to stretch yourself past your previous limits and old ways, if you don’t you will be stretched and that might be painful.

Remember this is a year of real, raw and authentic and that’s a process of stripping back the layers that don’t align. Trust the process.

Lots of love Sarah