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Hell Yeah!!!

26 MAY - 1 JUNE

This week we walk into the last week of May and I walk with such gratitude for this month, I hope you're with me. The energy has been up and down for sure but not in that extreme smash you way we were getting used to in the early months of this year.

We have continued to grow, change, and transform with more ease and allowance.

We are learning that letting go allows us to flow so much easier in the river of life's adventure. We are learning that fu#k it moments can serve us well. All the old sayings like - Don't sweat the small stuff really have a place.

We are learning to let go of the unnecessary drama and not hang with the drainers. The 'I don't care' is becoming a positive statement - we have learned not to care in the most loving way. 

What I'm trying to say is… you and I are different now. We know the old dysfunctional ways don't work. The blame game is comical as is the weird behavior.

The past is long gone and so are many of the old attached stories. They were all made up in our heads mostly anyway, from our childish fear-based and victim perception. Ooouch, that hits hey!!! 

My analogy is that yes, we walked through all those storms for months, we got smashed, we didn't hide, we copped it, we kept going and growing. Then the sunshine slowly appeared and dried up all the rain, we didn't stop there, we kept going and growing, admiring the change and the new environment.

Then a rainbow appeared and wow, we kept going and growing and now omg there is gold at the end of the rainbow and we are heading straight for it we keep going and growing!!!

Keep doing what you're doing, don't stop here, keep going, keep growing, don't ever stop. The pot of gold awaits those of us who won't give up on our dreams, and who do the work.

To say I'm excited by what I see coming is a total understatement.

How to do the work - 6 easy steps. 

Take a story/ trigger/trauma/issue that is messing with your joy and happiness. 

  1. Open up your awareness and perceptions

  2. Take ownership of your part of a story/ trigger/trauma/issue

  3. Journal, write, or talk out whatever you need to let go of

  4. Polarize the story/ trigger/trauma/issue with all its benefits 

  5. Forgive and let it go 

  6. Be grateful for the gifts it gave you 

Do the work, reap the rewards, or make excuses and stay there?

It's all pretty clear these days,

No major cosmic activity so relax and read this email again. 

Love you,


If you would like to receive some more guidance about this week's energy, watch my Weekly Cosmic Forecast below.


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;


"Allow truth to free your perspective from inhibiting influences. Clarity is about to shine on an area of your life that is troubling you. Sit tight - clarity is on your doorstep." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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