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8-14 AUGUST 2021

My Beautiful Tribe, I must admit living in these times feels like living in a whirlwind, ok tornado some days. As humans, we crave stability and the known, and right now as we go through this major shift the ways we used to get those feelings are changing dramatically. I believe we are being taught to listen to our own internal voice, our hearts, and our intuition deeper than ever. This may be challenging for those who are new to this way of being and easier for others. It's becoming very clear that systems and structures that we thought kept us safe once upon a time have changed and are breaking down. It's clear that maybe the ones we hoped knew everything and were there to save us, don't know everything, and can't save us. It's clear maybe 'they' aren't coming from a place of love and our best interests. That maybe there are underlying ulterior motives playing off - I mean we are all only human right? I don't think things are as clear or simple as we would like to think. You only have to observe and read a news headline to see the sensationalized propaganda we are living in. I'm not adding to another conspiracy theory here either tribe, I'm just saying right now nothing is clear and straightforward. No one has all the answers for each of us and so we are left wondering who and what to trust and I believe that is a gift and part of this whole shift and change. Did you know you have all the answers you need for you inside of you? Like really!! We have just been so programmed to believe that we don't... pretty disempowering hey!

My Advice this week-

  1. Limit and be careful what you read - The news, social Media, gossip is not a reliable source of the whole truth.

  2. Limit talking about the doom and gloom of the current world, it won't make you feel joy and happiness.

  3. Stay in the present, you could become quite frustrated, angry, scared if you try and project what might happen.

  4. Don't worry and judge what others are thinking, being, doing, stay in your own lane.

  5. Mediate - whatever that means to you.

  6. Listen to your heart - how you feel about something is an indicator of if it's in alignment with you or not.

  7. Learn to really listen and hear your inner guidance system, that beautiful voice that is always there to guide you.

  8. Align with nature, the beauty of this world.

  9. Trust this process, this is the change you knew had to happen.

  10. Trust your own journey, walk your own path with authenticity, grace and love.

Please note things will never go back to normal. We are creating a new world, Yes right now it's a dirty construction site with sh#t everywhere, but one day it will be more incredible than you could imagine. Be patient, this is going to take some time, relax and breathe and put your mask on when it gets too dusty if that feels right for you.



Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

Trust Yourself

"Listen to yourself at this time - don't listen to the opinions of others. This is the time to go within and listen to your inner voice. You have all of the answers to your questions, all you've got to do is go within and listen." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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